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About the Platform

Rocketansky is a passwordless authentication and user-focused security platform that reduces cybersecurity risk for small-medium businesses' Security and IT leaders.

Reduce your threats

The best way to prevent a password breach: Don't use passwords. Rocketansky validates that users and devices are secure before logging them in. If they're not, then Rocketansky guides them to be more secure.

Reduce your costs

IT and Security Teams get to focus on more important work by enabling users to secure their own devices and only call the helpdesk when they get really stuck. Rocketansky eliminates passwords - no more password reset phone calls to the helpdesk either.

Support modern infrastructure

Rocketansky's platform easily integrates with any application or Identity Provider that supports OpenID Connect (OIDC) or Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

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Our Team

Two-factor authentication improved login security, but at the expense of making it time consuming. Rocketansky is the next generation of authentication. Rocketansky's mission is to provide a secure and seamless authentication experience so that IT administrators and users can get their jobs done faster.

We believe that good security should be accessible to businesses of any size. That's why we built Rocketansky - to provide affordable security solutions that lets IT, Security, and their users, focus on their important work. We want users to be secure, not because they're forced to, but because it's the fastest way to get work done.

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Daniel Frye


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Tom Lesnik


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Paul Webber


Rocketansky was founded in 2020 by Daniel Frye, Tom Lesnik, and Paul Webber.

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